Reading Report And In-Class Presentation


There are 20 presentations in total and you should submit no fewer than 10 reading reports, in paper, at the begining of the presentation.

Each report will be graded as a check- (1pt), check (1.5pt), or check+ (2pt). 

You may submit more but we only count the 10 reports with highest grades. 


Reading Report Format:

Write a ~400 word critical response and comments to each required paper. Focus on the following:

  • State the problem that they try to solve and the main contributions.
  • Describe the key insight or novelty of their proposed work or approach.
  • What are the limitations of the paper? Write the criticisms.
  • Any improvements or related ideas that you can suggest?

Your most important task is to demonstrate that you've read the paper and thought carefully about the topic. No copy and paste of the original paper text!

Paper responses are due at the beginning of the class (bring paper copies to class). A report for each paper will be graded and returned back with a check-, check, or check+.

Bring a copy of the paper in each lecture with your notes about what you find interesting and want to know more about (they can be questions, critics, etc.).


(From Dr. Zhiyun Qian's course